Bitmark - ¿ What is it ?

Bitmark is a decentralized reputation platform and currency that allows you to support the credibility and finances of the products, services and people you love.

¿ What is Bitmark's Mission ?

Bitmark’s mission is to become a everyday currency by providing: A stable currency that balances the requirements of all parties involved. AND A far reaching adoption initiative fueled by the Marking process.

¿ What is the Marking Process ?

The marking process looks to revolutionize the way people interact online. Instead of “liking” or “upvoting”, marking sends involves sending “marks”: a verifiable reputation measurement that is also a legitimate currency.

 Marks are basically spendable karma. An amusing post on a social network could pay for your coffee, marking a video of the crisis in Syria could pay for aid on the ground, and marking an article about a mistreated animal could pay for it’s shelter.

 Since Marks are a limited resource, the process of marking transfers ownership of the marks from one user to another. A user can send any fraction of a Mark they like ranging from a few cents to a considerably larger donation.

The more Marking is adopted, the more distributed the supply of Marks becomes and more the scarce and valuable marks become.

What Platforms Support Marking

The new Bitmark API will make it extremely easy for any platform to integrate marking. Ease of implementation makes marking possible on all websites and contexts.

¿ What is the difference between a ``Mark`` and a Bitmark ?

Marks and Bitmarks are the same thing. Their names can be used interchangeably. BTM is also a common way of abbreviating Bitmark; it was the first ticker symbol used by Bitmark. These days, we prefer the symbol MARKS.

¿ What is Bitmark Passport ?

The Bitmark Passport is a decentralized Web 3.0 Identity that is controlled by the user. It is what holds the reputation of each user. For instructions on setting up your Bitmark Passport please see: