Bitmark Mining Guide v0.9.7 fork

There are 8 Proof-of-Work algorithms which mine Bitmark and add blocks to its blockchain:

Proof of Work Algorithm Number pow_algo_id Merge-Mineable with – (many possibilities)
SCrypt (0) Digibyte, Gulden
SHA256d (1) Bitcoin sha256d
Yescrypt (2) Unitus yescrypt
Argon2d (3) Argentum, Unitus ar2
X17 (4) Verge x17
Lyra2REv2 (5) VertCoin, Unitus lyra2REv2
EquiHash (6) ZCash equihash / special executable needed
CryptoNight (7) cryptonight

Bitmark has an inter-block time target of 2 minutes (Beta=120 seconds).

In order to achieve this block time with 8 algos contributing, each algo’s mining difficulty is independently governed by DGWv3 to achieve a 16 minute inter-block (Beta=960 seconds).

Setting the Reference Node’s Mining Algorithm

It can be set manually via command-line client bitmark-cli (here aliased to ‘marks’, here setting the mining algo to Argon2d:

marks setminingalgo 3


via configuration file setting in ‘ ~/.bitmark.conf ‘ :

miningalgo = 3

Note: the conf file parser only recognizes numeric codes for the proof-of-work algorithm; pow_algo_id;
Pooled Mining SCrypt SHA256d Yescrypt Argon2d X17 Lyra2REv2 EquiHash CryptoNight


Solo Mining

The client is able to mine

setgenerate true

cpuminer -a -o http://localhost: -u -p -t –coinbase-addr=

Your node’s mining algo must be set either on startup by the bitmark.ionf configuration fileminingalgo=3or through a CLI RPC commandbitmark-cli setminingalgo 3