Marking 2.0

Marking delivers a reputable benefit through the use of a public, digital ledger that presents transactions between entities with a secured area that enables notation in relation to the transnational event. These systems can then be further developed and applied, with an array of complementary technologies to improve support for reputation marketplaces and complex reputational based value matrices surrounding a person's activity and presentation of their achievements, via the world wide web.

Users Platform

A new marking API will allow partners to easily deploy marking onto their platform within hours.

Full Spectrum Marking

Full Spectrum marking is a feature which allows users not only to increase, but also to decrease the reputation of users, services or products that no longer represent trust or quality.

DGWv3 Algorithm

The new DGWv3 Algorithm provides greater stability to the network with an improved hash rate response curve, which effectively governs the timely processing of transactions.

Linked data

Linked data will be incorporated into Bitmark to substantially increase its audience by being integrated in web browsers.

Latest version:   Bitmark v0.9.7.2